Each lot ranging from 3000 m2 to18000 m2 is provided with a full scale of public utilities, alongside with the construction of roads the infrastructure of the affected areas will also be subject to development: the water supply, sanitation, rainwater drainage, construction of gas pipelines. Sidewalks will be built along the roads, the public lighting of the roads will take place using energy-saving LED lights, and furthermore, a protective tube will be placed in order to integrate telephone and computer networks. The energy supply of the area will be provided by the network and transformator designed and implemented by the electricity supplier ELMÜ-ÉMÁSZ.

-     Zoning classification: GIP1
-     Construction options within the lots: max. 50% (building)
-     Proportion of green areas: min. 25%
-     Maximum building height: 10,5 m
-     Surface of lots: between 111-115 m Baltic height
-     Ground water: approx. ~3,5 meters deep

You may find more information in the Local constructions of Jászfényszaru: replicas relojes