1. to create additional workplaces in the Industrial Park by deploying new companies,
  2. to establish favorable conditions for SFF (Small Form Factor) enterprises,
  3. to extend the scope of services,
  4. to satisfy the needs of companies currently operating in the Industrial Park

Elements of the investment:

1) The development of new areas suitable for serving settling companies

  1. 6 lots, approx. in the size between 2,500 and 18,000 m2

2) Establishment of the Entrepreneur House:

  1. Its useful area is 1634 m2
  2. 15 offices, with a floor area of  ~20 m2 each
  3. 6 workshops with a floor area of ~80 m2 each, with the opportunity to create a gallery
  4. A restaurant, which can also be used as a conference room
  5. Meeting Room
  6. Recreational opportunities (sauna, squash)

The Jászfényszaru Industrial Centrum Ltd. implements the investment within the frames of the tender titled as "Complex development of the Jászfényszaru industrial park - Phase I”, under the identification number ÉAOP-1.1.1/C-12-k-2012-0001.

January 2009.

The Local Government has accepted the Company's medium-term strategic plan

May - August 2009.

Market research

January 2010.

The development of plans began

August 2010.

Licensing (Entrepreneur House) started

December 2010.

Final construction permit


Implementation plans

August 2012.

Submission of tender for EU support

October 2012.

Gaining a support of 448.841.874.- HUF based on Government Decision 1464/2012 (X.26)

30th November 2012.

September 2013.

Conclusion of the Support Contract

Publication of the notice on the voluntary procurement process

January 2014.

31st January 2014.

Majus 2015 

Closure of the procurement process, announcement of results

Conclusion of the entrepreneurship contract with the winning implementer

Expected completion of the implementation of the investment replicas de relojes