Jászfényszaru Industrial Centrum Ltd.

The Company in the ownership of Jászfényszaru City was founded in 1998, in order to establish a well-operating Industrial Park, facilitating the balanced development of the economy of the city and satisfying market needs. 
The main task of the Company is the operation of the environmentally conscious Industrial Park offering quality services, real estate sales and leasing. In addition to the operation of the conventional Industrial Park - utilizing their previous experiences regarding real estate development, real estate operation and project management - performs activities such as the functions of a city development corporation, project management and real estate operation. 
The Company participates in the preparation and implementation of the development of the Jászfényszaru Local Government, furthermore, the companies and organizations operating in the city and in the region. By the supports provided for the Local Government, the Company contributes to the implementation of the integrated City Development Strategy and the Economic Program.
In 2010 and 2015, the Industrial Park earned the title "Investor-friendly industrial park of the year" among 210 industrial parks operating in Hungary. During the evaluation of the prize, the professional jury took the efforts of the Industrial Park and the local Government made in the field of investment promotion into consideration, as well as the number of new workplaces that have been created.
Currently, the Industrial Park is home to 31 companies; including companies like the SAMSUNG Electronics Hungary Plc. which had settled in Hungary 27 years ago, the HIRSCH Prozell Ltd., the SANGJIN Micron Hungary Ltd. and the ThyssenKrupp Presta Hungary Ltd. rolex replika