In the Entrepreneur House, 10 office rooms (~20 m2 each), 5 elevated office rooms (~23 m2 each) and 6 workshops with the opportunity to create a gallery (~80 m2 each), all of which is available for long-term rent.

The facility consists of two functional units:
1.           the business- and social zone of the offices
2.            the workshop and the recreational zone

Every major functional unit is available from the main entrance lobby: both the office zone and the workshop zone. The accessibility of different areas within the building and their separation from each other is provided by the access-control system. The building is two-story, with a total useful floor area of 1634 m2.  On the ground floor right from the main entrance 3 offices, and social blocks (with disabled - friendly toilet) and a conference room can be found, with a sweat suit kitchen. This ensures the implementation of bigger professional events combined with a reception, and provides a place for the employees of the industrial park to have lunch on working days. On the first floor above this part of the building 12 offices and a meeting room can be found. 7 of the 12 offices share a common social block (toilet, bathroom, kitchenette), while each of the 5 high level offices has its own sanitary facilities (toilet, bathroom, shower).

The workshop and the recreational zone can be found left from the main entrance. The multifunctional recreational unit is multi-layered. (e.g.: squash, fitness room, recreational service). Within the workshop zone located in this part of the building 6 workshops will be developed for rent, each one with their own industrial gate, and a separate main entrance. Due to the high ceiling, galleries can be created within the workshops, which are connected to their own social area (locker rooms, toilet), service facilities (boiler, storage) and the lobby of the building by a common corridor. Between the two wings of the building an inner courtyard will be created. A simple, but spectacular fountain has been designed in the courtyard with a decorational pool.
The building will be implemented with a first class quality, on the basis of the relevant national standards and provisions. The size of the lot and the location and design of the building makes expansion possible as needed. The use, application of renewable energy sources to a greater extent was a key factor at the design of the building. The electrical supply is partly provided by a network-synchronized solar power electricity generating system. The heating, cooling, and hot water supply of the building is provided by air-to-air heat pumps. At the design of lighting and water usage, energy-saving solutions have been installed.

On the outer surfaces of the lot which are not equipped with cover, grassing, planting flowers, and installing plants takes place. During the installation of plants, we pay special attention for the majority of them to be indigenous tree species. The automatic irrigation system provides the irrigation of the green surface.